While syncing Software updates in SCCM, i noticed that WSUS sync were failing. When i checked wsyncmgr.log, it has many red lines (errors) as shown below.

sync failed

The steps which i tried to resolve this error is listed below:

  1. Remove all the classifications by going to Administration > Sites > Configure Site components > Software update point Components > Classifications. Uncheck all the checked boxes.
  2. On the server where WSUS is installed. Run command prompt as an admin
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Update Services> Tools
  4. Run wsusutil.exe reset
  5. Select all the classifications again which were unchecked in step #2
  6. Synchronize Software updates again.

Go to Monitoring > Software update point synchronization status. You should be able to see follow message there

WSUS Sync Failed, SCCM Sync issue, The Microsoft Software License Terms have not been completely downloaded