Issue: Recently, i had to deploy OSD to a new Dell Optiplex 7040. Since, the new network driver was not added to WinPE, the deployment does not show password prompt while deploying the image. It also means that system does not have network. You can check by typing “ipconfig” on the command prompt. Here is what i did to manually test the drivers before actually adding it in WinPE.

  1. Download new drivers from Intel site.
  2. Extracted the drivers to a separate folder
  3. Network\PROWinx64\PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS62
  4. the actual driver file name is “e1c62x64.inf”
  5. Copy the driver in an USB
  6. Plug the usb to the desktop where image is getting deployed
  7. Please make sure that CMD support is enabled in WinPE in SCCM
  8. Press F8 to launch CMD prompt when WinPE banner is still showing in the OS deployment
  9. Go to the USB drive by selecting <drive letter>:
  10. run “drvload e1c62x64.inf”
  11. It will show command completed successfully
  12. Go to X:\sms\bin\x64
  13. run tsbootshell.exe to re run the Task Sequence.
  14. Now you should get the password prompt.
  15. Please make sure to download the network drivers from Intel website directly. Drivers from Dell or any other hardware site may not work.