I was having issue while trying to deploy Win 10 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which has UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). We have Infoblox server for DNS and DHCP. So, the settings for that are different than a Windows server. The configuration we had for Win 7 was not working for UEFI based hardware. While booting from network, below is the error message which shows on the hardware:

PXE-E79: NBP is too big to fit in free base memory

Here is the logs which was captured while troubleshooting


Here is the infoblox grid settings:

option (66) – IP address of the WDS server

option (60) – PXEClient (just add this string)



Then, we need to use IP helper for that VLAN. The IP helper address will point to WDS server:

ip helper-address xx.xx.xx.xx
Here is the router settings for IP helper:

After doing these changes, i was able to boot Surface Pro 4 without any issues. The same question has been answered here.