For one of my clients, there was a requirement to shorten the SCCM application catalog to a more user-friendly link. Initially it was something like ‘http://<servername>application portal’ which needed to make like ‘http://myapps&#8217; so that end users should not have to remember the big link to access the software catalog. It should be easy to remember.

There are two steps to solve that – DNS change and SCCM http redirect.

First, Network team will have to create an “A record” in DNS which will point to the SCCM server IP address (where application catalog is configured).

Second, follow the below steps for the http redirect configuration on the SCCM server.

  1. Please make sure to take the back up of the IIS server configuration by following below commands so that if anything goes wrong, the configuration can be restored and there won’t be any loss in the production.


2. Launch IIS and expand the nodes

3. Expand Default web site node


4. Click on HTTP redirect


5. In the given field, enter the long URL of the software catalog which has to be shortened like ‘http://<servername>application portal’ as shown in the below picture.


6. Now, when users will try to access ‘http://myapps&#8217; they will be redirected to actual URL and software catalog will launch.